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Wet Glass

I am very pleased with the finished product. Will definitely use the service again.

Spencer H.

Roman was polite and courteous. He did an amazing job on my truck. I would recommend him to my friends and family…

Howard T.

I had a really bad used oil stain in the back of my Suburban that happened when the container I was taking to recycle the oil tipped over and caused a stain at least two square feet. I tried using some absorbent powder and scrubbed it but while it absorbed a good amount of oil, there was some still there. Every time I went to drive, the fumes were horrible. I was thinking of having the carpet replaced but figured I’d see if anyone would be willing to try and clean it first. Called different locations, most said no right away while others said they could try but wouldn’t commit to it coming out any better. Finally messaged Royal Detailing and was told It can be done, figured let’s give it a shot before paying to have everything replaced. Roman came out, saw the stain and didn’t even flinch, got his equipment and went to work. I honestly thought at best, it would go from a dark chocolate color to a lighter brown. Boy was I wrong, Roman worked his scrubbing magic and I could see the gray in my carpet again. Hopefully RD shares some pictures of the cleaning miracle on their site. Quality work and great service, I wouldn’t hesitate to have Royal Detailing work on any of my vehicles and I highly recommend others to as well.


He did such a great job on my car from the inside out. He did not even need to see the pics and guaranteed me that the stain would be removed.Don't think twice,Just come here for the best results for your car!

Nathan N.

Shampooed my carpets and seats, and they look great.


I opened my car door and it was like a brand new car! It looked sooooo good!

Amber N. 

Did not disappoint, it's a new car; like night and day.

Wendy M. 

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