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Car Detailing San Diego Prices

  • Light Vacuum or exterior washing

    Starting at $20
  • Effective and affordable basic wash, not to be confused with cheap

    Starting at $30
  • Light vacuuming, wipe down dash and console, basic wash

    Starting at $50
  • The works, getting every bit of grime on the exterior.

    Starting at $70
  • Shampoo carpets, clean dash-everything on the inside.

    Starting at $90
  • Interior/Exterior detail

    Starting at $150
  • Removes pet hair from entire vehicle

    Starting at $40
  • Over 200 degrees of steam, disinfecting the most touched surfaces.

    Starting at $40
  • Restore yellowing and faded headlights, cheaper than buying new ones.

    Starting at $60

  • From 10 US dollars

  • Starting at $275
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