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Paint Polishing 

This service is perfect for commuter cars/daily drivers. It is effective enough to see a noticeable change in the paint, while still being budget friendly. See below for more information 

Roman Garcia - Royal Detailing.png

Here is a before picture of my CR-V hood before paint polishing.


**Something to note is that this is a pretty extreme example that requires more of a 3 step paint correction. However, for educational purposes, even with just a paint polishing you can see the difference. 


Here is after the process. As you can see a lot of the defects and haze are gone, with some still being on the car. 


What the process entails: 


-Iron Decontamination 


-Polishing the vehicle. 

-Applying a premium carnauba wax. 

The process can take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the vehicle.

You also get FREE maintenance washes for 6 months.


Additional Info.

You can think of paint polishing as the entry process to paint correction; both remove imperfections in the paint, but at a different level. The more imperfections in the paint you want to remove the longer the process and the more expensive it will be.    

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